Specialist Crew


Specialist Crew

I have a broad range of experience across film and television production.

Why not drop me a call to discuss how I can support your production?


production & Post Support

In addition to my own productions, I've worked in the production and post production branches of a range of both theatrical and broadcast production companies companies.

This includes staff work at Carnaby International, as well as freelancing at Mongoose Pictures and Oxford Scientific Films.

So from development research to edit assisting, I can help your company at any stage of the production pipeline.


Sound Recordist

I am an experienced freelance location sound recordist, providing quality sound recordings for a wide range of clients across the narrative and corporate film environments. I own my own equipment, and can be ready to record in in London, Birmingham and the rest of the UK at short notice.

Paradigm Creative,


Drone Pilot

Flying a DJI Mavic Pro camera drone, I can create beautiful 4K images that will add to your film's production value. I hold the CAA Permission for Commercial Operations within the UK, operating under the company name: Aviator Drones LTD.